Machine Quilting

A quilt is a labor of love.  If you're looking for someone to put the finishing touch on your latest creation simply bring it in and leave it with one of our trusted long arm machine quilt specialists-- , Darcia Pinette of DJ Quilting, Ashlyn Benson of Paisley Quilt Works and April Lahoda of Designer Bee Quilting. We will work together to customize the pattern and placement of the machine stitching.  Each order takes a week or two to complete.  Pricing is done by the square inch with additional charges for batting and thread.  Binding and additional services are also available. Contact us for more information. 

Professional Quilting

Do you have a quilt that has been lying around for far too long-- just waiting to be started or finished?  Bring in your fabric and pattern and let our professional quilters piece together your treasure.  This service is charged by the hour and does not include the cost of machine quilting or binding, but both can be added on through the store.  Come see us for a free quote.